What Are the 6 Key Benefits of Snagging Tools in Construction? (2022)

Written by Robert Greidanus

Snagging in construction refers to the process of documenting small defects that need to be fixed. A ‘snag’ refers to the defect itself, for example, a chipped door or scuff on a wall. 

The snagging process is crucial to a building project. However, snagging is particularly important during the last fortnight before the project is scheduled to finish; this is called the snagging period. The snagging period is essential, as the project will be handed over to the client soon and to ensure a happy client and repeat business, everything must be to a high standard. 


What is a snagging tool? 

A snagging tool enables documentation and communication between parties regarding any discovered snags. Any mention of the word, snagging tool, often alludes to the digital platforms individuals use to record a snag, for instance, a spreadsheet or a snagging mobile or desktop app. 

Even in 2022, the most widespread method of snagging is by pen and paper. In fact, under 6% of construction companies in Europe make full use of digital planning tools. However, times are changing, and the construction industry is begging to digitize its snagging process. 

Due to the pandemic, the adoption of new software and technology used in the construction industry is accelerating. The good news is, as things begin to go back to normal, digital snagging is here to stay!

So, what are the benefits of digital snagging tools?

Regardless of how good your construction team is, there will always be problems or defects to resolve. That is why snagging is an integral part of the construction process. 

Snagging ensures satisfied clients if done correctly. But what other benefits do digital snagging tools have on your construction company? 

Here, our experts share the top six benefits of snagging:

  • Insightful decision-making

  • Improved communication

  • Efficient working

  • Easy snagging

  • Everything in one place

  • Controlling costs

1. Make more insightful decisions
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Having access to relevant information to make informed decisions is vital in construction. Using digital snagging tools like Ed Controls ensures a complete overview of the information you need most. Such as the number of tickets you can complete in any given amount of time or the average time it takes to complete a job. By knowing this information, you can improve your projections for future projects. You can easily estimate length, cost, and the amount of labour involved in upcoming projects – who wouldn’t want that?!


How do you know if your current project is on track? A snagging app can also act as a project management tool for your construction site as it can hold a wealth of information about the life cycle and status of your projects. Not only this but using the insights to “evaluate [your team’s] concerns and suggestions when planning work is highly important” for motivating your team.

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From a unique perspective, as a Subcontractor, we know that booked jobs are often much bigger than first made out. The beauty of using construction snagging apps like Ed Controls, is that pictures are assigned to snag tickets, ensuring you know exactly what you are getting yourself in for when you accept a job – no more surprises! You can decide whether you want to take that job or not, and gauge the correct price estimation, knowing the whole story.

2. Improved communication

We all know that teams work best when communication is clear and consistent. Emails can be misconstrued. Paper documents can go missing. Messages can be forgotten. By using snagging apps connected to the cloud, you can instantly update project information and communicate it to the entire team in real-time. In the construction industry, collaboration is key. Even the smallest construction projects can include multiple contractors working from various locations. Complex, large-scale projects can involve scores of hundreds of people. Consequently, communication is essential, or else your construction project may take longer, mistakes will be made, and employees can feel demotivated as a result. The effects of the pandemic forced those who can to work from home. Those sites that continue to use outdated ways of working were swamped with emails and pieces of paper. Communication was very disorganized for them, but by changing to a digitized method of working where communication was to the point and direct, their projects could continue successfully despite the barriers of the pandemic. Digital construction management tools allow you to assign roles and responsibilities across the entire project team. That way, everyone can see immediately who needs to do what, where and when.

3. More efficient working

Snagging is one area where construction technology has enormous benefits. It replaces your paperwork with a simple digital construction management tool. Juggling job lists, allocating tasks, monitoring progress, keeping everyone updated – these days, the old ways are not enough. Digital construction snagging apps allow you to create action points for snagging and quickly assign them to an individual. You can include photos, locations, and full descriptions, so ‘to-do’ lists are completed at the touch of a button. Creating digital to-do lists and having a clear overview of projects helps keep individuals on track and promotes a sense of achievement when they can close the finished ticket on their list. Find also: The benefits of snagging tools in construction

4. Easy snagging

Ask any construction worker how they feel about snagging, and I assure you they will describe it as a pain! We know this, but digital tools are there to make the snagging process as seamless as possible. Implementing a digital snagging tool can be scary, especially for individuals who are not comfortable with technology, but we cannot ignore that times are changing. A tip from us would be to make sure the digital snagging tool you want to implement provides training to you and your colleagues, so everyone can save time and simplify the snagging process as much as possible, no matter how limited your experience with technology is. 

5. Everything in one place

Unlike spreadsheets, snagging apps can help you compile automated audits, quality checks, and reports for review. You can find all these valuable documents in one place or create new ones using the same app. This allows you to keep all your project communications in one place, back up in the cloud. Everything is up-to-date and found precisely where and when you need it. 

6. Controlling costs

Time is money. Defects affect the bottom line. Shockingly, fewer than 1 in 3 contractors finish their projects on time and within budget.Keeping a tight grip on your construction projects means keeping hold of the purse strings.Raising tickets and being able to see when snags and defects have been resolved – or not – means you keep projects on track. If you want to work quickly, and efficiently and ensure nothing slips through the net – digital snagging tools are just the solution for you. In the competitive world of construction, the successful and timely delivery of projects is key. There is a convincing argument for embracing digital snagging tools now. Learn more now: What is the cost of badly managed snagging?Digital snagging tools are the future of construction. Be part of the future. 

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