The Arenas of EURO 2024: An Overview

The UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany is just around the corner, and preparations are in full swing. Unlike the 2006 World Cup, which triggered a comprehensive stadium construction boom, this time the focus is mainly on modernization.


Enhance Your Construction Process: Ed Controls Workflow Animation

Discover the groundbreaking features of Ed Controls in our latest YouTube video! See how our innovative software simplifies the construction process and makes defect management effortless.

New: Library and building software links

The Library and links to other building software are new in Ed Controls.


E-book: Five handy tips for better quality in construction

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Blog : Tools to relieve your snagging pain

Large or small, snagging issues can be both difficult to manage and resolve. They can also affect the bottom line. A good tool is paramount.

Who is responsible?

When we built Ed Controls we used the RASCI-A model to build our software. What does that mean?


Champion digitisation in construction

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Blog: The benefits of having remote control of your project

During the pandemic, access to sites was limited. Digital systems can help you keep track of progress when you can’t get to the site.

Discover Ed Controls at the Digital Construction Week

This year we’re attending #DCW2021 again! Our sales team will be there to answer all of your questions. Join us!

Discover Ed Controls at the London Build 2021

This year we’re attending #DCW2021 again! Our sales team will be there to answer all of your questions. Join us!

Simple Defect Management: A Quick Guide

Simple defect management. Sounds marvellous, but how to achieve it?

Let Stephen tell you about Ed Controls

How does Ed Controls work, how do you raise snags and what can the software do for your processes? It is all explained in this free webinar.

Blog: Don't get left behind - join the digital revolution

Digital tools are here to make your life easier. An easy-to-use app provides information to the right people – clearly, quickly and on any device.

What is the cost of badly managed snagging?

Experts from the construction industry helped us to answer the question: what is the cost of badly managed snagging? A difficult question.

Video: This is how easy snagging is with Ed Controls

Watch this video and see how easy snagging, quality management and Quality Assurance is with Ed Controls.

Use your snagging data with analytics

Did you know there is an easy way to use all the data in Ed Controls?

Embrace digital technology

Stay ahead of your competition by managing your snags digitally. Digital snagging leads to improved communication, efficiency and accountability.

Blog: The rise of digitisation in construction

Traditionally, the construction industry has been slow to adopt technology, but the global pandemic means it’s more important than ever to embrace the benefits of collaborative remote working now.

They work smart and save time

Quality assurance for construction (Wkb)
Quality assurance for building (Wkb) is monitoring the quality of design and implementation so that the end result meets the requirements of the Building Decree. In the current system, the municipality assesses building plans in advance and supervises implementation in accordance with the permit granted. Under the Construction Quality Assurance Act, parties in the construction industry are themselves responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations. They do so on the basis of a quality assurance instrument, applied by an independent quality assurance officer (see diagram). Since 2020 – in anticipation of the introduction of the Wkb in 2023 – pilot projects with quality assurance have been launched and Ambassador Networks have been launched.