SecurEd is a highly secured version of


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  • SecurEd: Secured construction software

Your project data secured at the highest level

Discover SecurEd where security is the top priority. With our innovative solution, you retain complete control over all your project data. Reliability and efficiency come together in one powerful platform for effortless project management in construction.

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Safety first: safeguard your construction project data with SecurEd

For construction projects for unique requirements and heightened security needs, this is the ultimate tool. Leveraging our expertise in certification and security, we now introduce a product that ensures the high level of data security, fully tailored to your specific preferences.


Without Internet connection

No internet connection is required, ensuring all data stays securely within your organisation.


Server at your own location

Because we want you to have full control over your data, we facilitate an on-site server.


Hardware without GPS and wifi module

We provide tablets without an internet module and GPS to guarantee the highest level of security.


Our Clients are in the fields of

  • Global defence projects

  • Construction sites without internet connection

  • Oil platform projects

  • Construction of military ships

  • Sensitive political environments

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Curious about the customized solutions we can offer to securely capture and protect your project data?