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Everything perfectly connected

An installation company is not only responsible for gas, water and electricity. Ventilation, cold-heat pumps, solar water heaters and solar panels are also in good hands with these professionals. Quality is of the utmost importance. That’s why many installation companies use the Ed Controls app for inspection lists and for taking pictures to ensure quality, including Van der Sluis Technische Bedrijven.


Together with residents and owners

You can always add quality to an existing property during your maintenance projects. These could be flats, works of art or office buildings. Work together with residents, owners and owners associations on good maintenance and/or transformation. Ed Controls assists with the inventory, inspection, division of tasks, quality assurance and delivery reports. All with a single user-friendly app.


Show consumers what quality means

Retail, sports, hospitality and museums

Whether a shop, gym, restaurant, museum or hotel: where consumers are concerned, the furnishings must radiate quality. The paintwork must be top-notch, the floor sleek, the reception area neat and the brand elements meticulously crafted and arranged. Use Ed Controls for communication with construction workers or subcontractors. And ensure quality.


Ensure quality from the factory side


You really want to document quality factors. Whether you’re dealing with a window frame builder or a facade specialist. Perhaps a supplier who manufactures doors or even a carpentry factory, take a picture of all the doors, window frames, sills, windows or stairs you install on location. With Ed Controls, you can quickly determine which photo is linked to which project and whether everything on the checklist is correct.


Keeping the park beautiful

Green space and landscape management

Being responsible for landscape planning, nature management and/or landscape protection requires a lot of forward-thinking. As a green space manager, you want to carry out these plans as efficiently as possible. Whether it has to do with a backyard, park or landscape. With Ed Controls, you can pinpoint the work with our Locator via Google Maps. With a simple picture, you can show what has been done. And if the internet connection fails, that’s not a problem for Ed Controls either.


How do you use Ed Controls? Where ever there's construction going on

Ed Controls is used in numerous sectors. Sometimes in industries we didn’t even foresee ourselves. With Ed Controls, collaborating with others is easy and fun, ensuring quality is a communal effort. Work smart, save time.

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