Raise three snags a minute

For construction manager Stan Kashirsky, his job became so much easier when he got to work with the snagging and quality management system Ed Controls. “For me personally, this is the most fluid and efficient snagging system that I have used. It is quick and easy to set up and use. Also, the drawings load quickly and are of great quality.”


In this article:

  • For construction managers, the speed of raising snags is paramount.

  • Pin-to-point feature is crucial for Kashirsky.

  • Any snagging tool used on site should be very easy to use.

Kashirsky is currently working on 1 Triton Square project in London. “The project value of 1 Triton Square is about £144m, shell and core only. It is a major refurbishment of an existing building’, he explains.


Snags at 1 Triton Square are dealt with fast.

Kashirsky works with Ed Controls every day on the 1 Triton Square project. “We use it to raise snags and outstanding works on site.” On these huge projects, it is paramount that any system is fast and reliable. “Being able to raise three snags per minute saves a lot of time.” Ed Controls truly delivers here, Kashirsky says.

“The speed at which snags can be uploaded are a huge advantage. Construction managers typically highlight several thousand snags each on a job. This is particularly useful when nearing practical completion of a job. Then, snagging takes up a large portion of our time.”

Pin-to-plan makes it easy to snag

For Kashirsky, the pin-to-plan feature is crucial. He was using other software before, but that didn’t work as well. “In the interim, we had to resort back to the traditional method of marking up plans and writing lists.” Then, he came across Ed Controls. “We found the snagging software through one of our sub-contractors on site, who is also using it here.”


Construction manager Stan Kashirsky raises up to three snags a minute with Ed Controls.

The software was exactly what Kashirsky needed to manage quality. “Currently, we have over ten construction managers using the system to raise snags. With as many project and commercial managers combined using the system for their aspects of work. On top of that, all of the sub-contractor supervisors and construction managers are using Ed Controls.”

Snagging software on site must be dead simple

For any deployment on this scale, software must be dead simple. That’s certainly the case with Ed Controls, Kashirsky argues. “It is designed in such a way that anyone can easily pick it up and use it. Even if they are not an experienced IT user.” He laughs. “That’s somewhat common on site.”

For Kashirsky, any snagging software should be fast and easy to use. “For me, the best features of Ed Controls are the simplicity and fluidity of the design. And of course the speed at which snags can be raised.”