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Project tracking software based on clear communication


Clear project communication

Ed Controls ensures efficient project tracking and collaboration between contractors, subcontractors, fitters, and other partners. Action points or snags can be assigned digitally to the relevant construction partner based on relevant building standards and codes, thus improving construction site efficiency. This creates a digital workflow, which helps you track the progress of the construction project.


Deliveries in line with applicable quality assurance


Quality assurance

Thanks to the automatically generated inspection reports Ed Controls offers, the construction project can be tested against the applicable building regulations. This guarantees quality, efficient construction management and prevents high failure costs for construction companies.

Digital documentation for project management and maintenance


Digital documentation

The data you collect during the construction phase provides a lot of valuable information for the building’s later use and management. This makes it possible to respond to maintenance requests in a timely manner. These cross-project data are digitally documented and remain available throughout the building’s lifecycle.


Efficient construction project management through insight into responsibilities


Ease of use

Unlike other construction project management solutions, Ed Controls is easy to use and free of charge for anyone involved in your construction project. The app is based a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) model, which links roles and responsibilities to all the various construction companies. This ensures that everyone knows what is expected of the other parties involved.


Process mapping of the construction project


Data and reporting

With Ed Controls, the project performance of all construction companies can be tracked in real-time. Web based construction project management software helps you adjust your construction project in time before the costs balloon and deadlines are missed. This is how successful delivery is guaranteed

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