Quality control of hard services

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Management and maintenance


Quality assurance

To maintain a building’s quality, the surrounding terrain and the installations linked to the building, maintenance and modifications to facilities are what it’s all about. With Ed Controls project management app, all hard services can be documented, reported, and assessed quickly and easily; as well as allowing safety audits and inspections to be carried out. This helps you ensure quality throughout the building’s lifecycle.


Manage and communicate maintenance alerts


Clear project communication

Ed Controls helps you avoid miscommunication. Defects and maintenance work can be digitally recorded in our project management app with something as simple as a photo, a job description, and the exact location in the building. These reports are then assigned to the person responsible in the facilities department. As soon as the issue has been addressed and recorded in the system, the snag can be solved.

Up-to-date quality registration


Digital documentation

All reported defects and maintenance work are digitally documented and recorded on a timeline. This timeline gives you a clear and real-time overview of all outstanding snags. This helps you set priorities in facility management, keep to your planned maintenance schedule and ensures up-to-date registration of quality issues.


Report snags and maintenance across all devices


Ease of use

In Ed Controls, simplicity is first and foremost. The app is designed to be user-friendly for anyone who works with it and can be used for snagging defects and submitting maintenance reports in the safety management software. From a broken light switch to large-scale maintenance of complex facilities: you can easily report it to the facility manager, concierge, landlord or other responsible party. Whether by smartphone, tablet, or desktop.


Evaluate and optimise facility management


Data and reporting

Our project management app tracks the performance of all technicians providing facility services. This data can be analysed and converted into useful statistics that help you evaluate and optimise facility management.

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