The fire safety inspection system

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Digital documentation

Fire compartment and firewall penetrations logbook

The relevant building regulations require that project files be kept. These must show that the penetrations within a building are fireproof, exactly as laid down in the building regulations. By using Ed Controls to record everything that happens during construction, you are effectively creating a digital logbook of all fire compartments and penetrations.


Fire safety quality assurance

As the owner or operator of a building, you have a more stringent duty of care. You must be able to prove that the building meets the applicable fire safety requirements. Ed Controls provides digital, up-to-date proof of compliance. The building’s fire safety can be shown immediately during inspections by the fire protection authority.

Firewall penetrations quickly detected

Fire compartments are regularly penetrated, for example by the laying of cables and pipes. Ed Controls ensures these transits are effectively tracked and traced and any snags are properly addressed. By linking these to a location and the responsible installation company, you ensure they are quickly insulated to provide effective fire resistance.Each penetration is assigned a unique code (TicketID) in the preventive maintenance system software, with which you can label the exact location of the penetrations in the building. All codes can be found in the ticket history in Ed Controls.


Clear project communication

Fire safety through multidisciplinary collaboration

Data on fire compartments and penetrations are normally only found in the possession of the installation company. However, Ed Controls makes the information available to all parties involved in the project. This shared ownership makes it possible to collaborate efficiently on the fire safety of the building.


Data and reporting

Optimise fire safety work

Ed Controls tracks the performance of all stakeholders in the building’s fire safety. This data can be analysed and converted into useful statistics to help you optimise your fire safety operations.

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