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Clear project communication

International cooperation in shipbuilding

The maritime sector, which includes shipbuilding, the offshore industry and ports, is characterised by intensive cooperation between multiple marine engineering companies around the globe. Ed Controls construction software is a major asset in helping you streamline this collaboration. The superintendent manages the subcontractors and the technical crew via a single user-friendly app, which is available in each local language. The same is also true for the client and the shipyard.


Quality assurance

Ship inspection survey report

With Ed Controls, you can easily ensure the quality of new vessel engineering. The superintendent fills in an inspection report on the spot using digital checklists, which can be individually configured. Afterwards, the inspection reports can be signed and shared with the various stakeholders, whether online or offline, ashore or at sea.


Ease of use

Manage multiple ships with a single system

Superintendents often have several ships under management. With Ed Controls, you can synchronise data from multiple ships, so that all information is immediately available. This can be done using any Android or iOS device or via the browser on Windows-controlled devices. You therefore always keep an overview, even if you are not present at the shipyard.


Data and reporting

Evaluation and optimisation of project performance

Ed Controls keeps track of the performance of all subcontractors and technical crew members involved in the project. By analysing this data, you gain valuable information for the evaluation of the completed project and the optimisation of all future projects.

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