With MF Shipping to the shipyard in China

Ed Controls has long been used by the shipbuilder MF Shipping for snagging at the shipyard. Now, they’ve taken the application along to China. The Dutch company is having a new fleet of tankers built at a large shipyard there. The shipbuilder invited Chinese professionals to test Ed Controls and, as expected, it proved a success.

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This article in short:

  • MF Shipping commissions the construction of ten new identical tankers for THUN Tankers

  • The Chinese professionals practice using Ed Controls using a virtual test ship

  • Ed Controls allows MF Shipping to keep track of the construction process

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MF Shipping snags at the shipyard with Ed Controls

With THUN Tankers’ current fleet close to reaching a service life of 20 years, the construction of these new tankers is necessary. In this industry, tankers older than 20 years are no longer contracted by oil companies. This gives MF Shipping time to have ten new ships built for its client THUN Tankers.

THUN is responsible for operations and the ships’ cargoes, while MF Shipping takes care of the management of the vessels, including technical support and quality assurance. A large shipyard in China with multiple docks has been selected for the construction of the vessels.

“The shipyard will mainly work with the tickets,” says Claas Vis, a superintendent at MF Shipping. ‘A few clicks, and you’ve got it. It is so user-friendly that it hardly requires explanation.’

Snagging at the shipyard

Vis will stay in China over a two-year period. He works closely with Ivo Ramakers, head of new construction at MF Shipping, who travels back and forth. In the shipyard, Vis is assisted by a side team of seven Chinese professionals, each with his/her own speciality, such as steel, electricity or paintwork. Both Vis and the side team will use Ed Controls to record snags that must be attended to by the shipyard.

In order to determine whether Ed Controls works well in China, Vis has tested the system locally. “I first created a test ship we could practice on. By the time we got to the real work, everyone knew how it works.” MF Shipping creates the tickets and the shipyard is responsible for the action to be taken. ‘It’s so simple.’

In the meantime, several ships have already been launched. The first tankers will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2020. MF Shipping and THUN Tankers have been working together for many years. THUN takes care of operations and the ships’ cargoes. MF Shipping is responsible for the management of the vessels, including technical support and quality assurance.

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