Ed Controls helps BGEN deliver AstraZeneca projects at scale

For BGEN, delivering AstraZeneca projects Defect-free became easier when the construction company started using snagging and quality management system Ed Controls.

Managing fire safety

Drilling through fire compartments is a daily practice for UMC Utrecht, one of the biggest hospitals in the Netherlands. How to manage fire safety the best?

Tool for quality assurance led to digitisation

Trebbe is glad about their step towards digitisation. ‘We have less aftercare and fewer complaints’

Jan Vellenga, Ferus Smit

“This app allows me to receive clear-cut information as to remaining items from the shipowner, on the one hand, and to effortlessly communicate my remarks to my own staff and subcontractors, on the other hand.”

How to get everyone on board

Quality assurance is gaining importance and will become a legal obligation. How do you organise this? How do you get everyone on board? Heembouw chooses Ed Controls.

More fellow workers with a tablet

By upgrading to four project licences, Van de Ven Bouw & Ontwikkeling started to digitise the construction site

“My work at Plegt-Vos became so much easier”

Working at Plegt-Vos has become a lot easier for project coordinator Johan Roelfs. With Ed Controls, one house can be checked in under an hour.

From ten to two snagging points

BPZ, de Dutch door specialist, is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce snags.

Efficient house inspections

Inspecting 18,000 homes in one year? A challenge CBB is not afraid of!

Raise three snags a minute

For construction manager Stan Kashirsky, his job became so much easier when he got to work with the quality management system Ed Controls

Dandara saves time and improves quality

Dandara uses snagging software Ed Controls. “If a picture paints a 1000 words, a picture attached to a plan paints considerably more.”

“Communication about Naturalis’ new building went flawlessly”

During the new construction of the Dutch Naturalis Biodiversity Center the client and contractor communicated with Ed Controls.

The constructing of WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo

The construction of WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo: a unique project for VolkerWessels with special questions. How did they approach this project?

Going digital with Ballast Nedam at Curaçao

Ballast Nedam builds the Hospital Nobo Otrobanda in Curaçao. They choose to go digital: documentation and closing letters are all done with Ed Controls.

Construction of a new court of justice with a Private Finance Initiative

In Breda, the new Court of Justice is being build with a Private Finance Initiative (PFO). How to capture everything in the construction phase?

Renovation of Johan Cruijff ArenA

The Johan Cruijff ArenA is being renovated while football matches and concerts continue as usual. How is that managed?

With MF Shipping to the shipyard in China

MF Shipping is building ten new ships in China and is using Ed Controls to communicate on the shipyard. Superintendent Kees Vis explains how and why.

VIDEO: Utilities company Van der Sluis deploys Ed Controls for quality assurance

Van der Sluis Technische Bedrijven implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system The company uses Ed Controls for that.

Valley Amsterdam: How it’s done

Recently, a futuristic building has sprung up along the Amsterdam South Axis: “Valley”. Nowadays, such a sizeable construction project is impossible without digital support.

They work smart and save time

Quality assurance for construction (Wkb)
Quality assurance for building (Wkb) is monitoring the quality of design and implementation so that the end result meets the requirements of the Building Decree. In the current system, the municipality assesses building plans in advance and supervises implementation in accordance with the permit granted. Under the Construction Quality Assurance Act, parties in the construction industry are themselves responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations. They do so on the basis of a quality assurance instrument, applied by an independent quality assurance officer (see diagram). Since 2020 – in anticipation of the introduction of the Wkb in 2023 – pilot projects with quality assurance have been launched and Ambassador Networks have been launched.