Tool for quality assurance led to digitisation


Trebbe considers quality assurance as an important factor. ‘The upcoming introduction of the new legislation has a great impact on us, and we want to be prepared for it,’ says Patrick Peet. As the head of Housing production, he is responsible for the BasicLiving and HighLiving concepts of Trebbe. Trebbe uses Ed Controls as a tool for quality assurance. This way of working suited them so well that checks and workplace inspections were incorporated too. ‘Now all information is available on one tool, which provides a fantastic overview. I also think it’s a strength that an action is required.’


Working with Ed Controls has become the standard procedure within Trebbe. 80% of contractors use tablets when walking around the construction site. Arie Bauman is one of these contractors. As he sees it, the tool for quality assurance provides a whole host of benefits. ‘I don’t need to return to a site as often. We have less aftercare and fewer complaints later on, which saves me a lot of time and discussion.’ He especially likes the visual nature of Ed Controls. ‘Snags are clearly visible on the photo. I can also pass things straight on to our co-makers and other market players.’

Trebbe sees quality assurance as an opportunity to stand out in the market. The company delivers and radiates quality, and is transparent towards its clients. ‘Ed Controls has an important contribution towards this,’ says Peet. ‘We can now show our clients that “we guarantee the quality, and we have a tool you can use to oversee that quality with us”.’

More about Trebbe can be found on their corporate website.