“My work at Plegt-Vos became so much easier”

The job of Johan Roelfs, project coordinator Management and Maintenance at Plegt-Vos, has just become a lot easier. Since the construction company decided to make recordings of apartments that require renovation in the Ed Controls audit module, his employees have been able to record all the requirements for an apartment within one hour. ‘In that hour they have performed the inspection, discussed the choices with the customer, sent the invoice and completed payment.’


In this article:

  • Inspections done by Plegt-Vos go much faster;

  • Residents Residents look along and get the invoice right away;

  • Building partners receive all relevant information digitally.


Johans job at Plegt-Vos has become so much easier since his company started using Ed Controls.

Working with Ed Controls saves Roelfs and his employer Plegt-Vos a lot of time in the preparation, implementation and finalisation. His project hours have reduced significantly. Where he used to spend about 140 hours per one hundred apartments, he now spends only 40 hours. The risk of errors is also much lower.

All options are discussed

The inspector discusses all the options with the resident on site. Which colour tile do they want in the kitchen, which type of tap, do the cupboard doors need replacing, etc. ‘This has resulted in fewer misunderstandings afterwards. “Do you really mean this? Yes, I really mean this.” And we can record it correctly in our system in one go,’ explains Roelfs.

As the partners of Plegt-Vos, including kitchen supplier Bribus, are also connected to Ed Controls, the renovation can be organised from A to Z in one go.

Unique payment option

A unique feature of the audit module is the payment option that has been added. The choices selected by the residents are converted into an invoice, which is emailed to the resident, who can then pay immediately.

“In the past, there was always a risk of non-payment. We have reduced that risk significantly with this system,” says Roelfs. Digitaalopleveren.nl supplied the link to the ‘Bouwquote’ calculation module and managed the project.

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