From ten to two snagging points


Doors are what the BPZ Group is all about. The Drenthe-based door specialist supplies and installs doors for medium-sized and large contractors throughout the Netherlands. On a big project this can quickly amount to hundreds of units. For example, the BPZ Group supplied around 600 doors for the A’DAM tower in Amsterdam and installed more than 400 in the Hof van Assen apartment complex. To start reducing snags and improve efficiency, BPZ started to use the digital snagging tool Ed Controls.


Ed Controls has proved to be the ideal tool for dealing with regularly occurring changes or damages more effectively. “It saves a lot of time”, Head of Planning Nico Gudema says. “We can now resolve tickets way earlier – even at the installation stage. We’re reducing snags which means the completion can take place much more quickly.” What’s more, the installers also appreciate having all the project information in digital format and up to date. “You often find that the contractor wants a slightly different lock or a different type of door furniture. In Ed Controls, changes like these are visible straight away. It’s also more practical to work with a tablet than a thick paper folder. If there is a scratch on door no. 1940 on the 19th floor, you can find it on your tablet in a couple of clicks,” says planning assistant Henri Zomer.

Gudema also points out how important it is to win people for this new way of working. “We notice that young people find it easier to work digitally than older people. So we recently organised an event with a representative of Ed Controls who explained how the system works. We have also sat down with the installers to evaluate the pilots. We will be using this information to optimise this working method.”