Use your snagging data with analytics

Use your snagging data with analytics

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

This is a quote from Peter Drucker, who is viewed by many as the person who invented modern business management. We tend to agree with this statement and that is why we offer the add-on analytics.


The data you capture with snagging can be very valuable if you know how to use it

When you use Ed Controls to capture and manage defects and problems on the site, you are automatically capturing data. Via Analytics, this data can be used to run reports and progress can be measured – based on the live information. This information can then be used to manage and improve many things. Such as; regular snags, time is taken to resolve tickets, the time between ticket being assigned and completed and much more.

If you are managing your colleagues and sub-contractors across multiple projects, using Ed Controls, this analysis will start to show patterns and highlight areas requiring improvement. So with Ed Controls you can measure and improve easily – and you can also flip what is normally a negative situation (snags and defects) into a positive one, where the data captured is used to make everyone’s life easier.

Capture data and use it to improve your process. Request a free demo and discover how easy it is with Ed Controls.