Blog: Don't get left behind - join the digital revolution

Written by Robert Greidanus

Last year, the construction industry contributed over £117bn to the UK economy and employs 2.4 million workers.Our industry is vital to the UK’s economic success. It represents 6% of the total economy and is six times larger than the automotive industry.Given these impressive statistics, we know that construction is a successful sector. But are we fulfilling our true potential? In a competitive industry, staying ahead of the game is key.So why have we been talking about technology for over a decade without adopting it across our industry? The Construction Industry Council states that many construction firms have yet to embrace digital tools, while others are failing to get the best out of technology.


We know your pain

Construction projects are by their very nature complex. Delivering large-scale projects adds to the volume of problems that can arise.We’ve been there and done it. We know first-hand how issues can build.
We understand how problems can affect your working and personal lives.Our philosophy is that technology should make your life easier. It should enable you to work smarter and better by relieving some of the pressures you face.Of course, technology can sometimes complicate things. We believe technology is at its best when it is simple to use.The best digital snagging tools are those that are simple and easy to use. Those that can help you to work faster and better.As a trusted partner, we help our construction customers improve the way they work.Take a look at your own ways of working. Consider how technology can help.

Get the edge: go digital

Digital tools are there to make your life simpler and easier. An easy-to-use digital system can make information available to the right people – clearly, quickly and on any device.Benefits include:

  • Improved project quality

  • Reduction in unnecessary waste

  • Improved communication

  • Effective risk management

  • Greater visibility and accountability

  • More opportunities to win new contracts.

Our sector has been slow to adapt. We believe there is change on the horizon, and construction companies are beginning to see the benefits.Firms that stand still risk getting left behind. Join the digital revolution and get the edge.

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