What is the cost of badly managed snagging?

What is the cost of badly managed snagging?

What is the cost of badly managed snagging? That is a difficult question to answer, if not impossible. There are so many elements involved in defect management that just knowing where to start calculating the costs associated with snagging is a difficult choice.

We asked many of our construction industry colleagues the following very simple questions:

1. Do you get involved with snagging?
2. How do you manage it?

The majority scowled at the first question and the answer was something along the lines of ‘Unfortunately, yes we do have to snag’. The answers to the second question surprised us the most, which were: ‘We try’, ‘With difficulty’, ‘We do our best’ and so on. Some were using a mix of photos and spreadsheets and a few were using digital tools to assist. The final question we asked was:


3. How do you analyse it all?

‘We dont’ they said. Whichever way you look at it: snagging is a difficult task. Not only to manage and complete, but also to analyse and add a pricetag. Fortunately for us all the pionieers in the development of ED Controls have been through this pain during their day to day jobs as Construction Project Managers. Because they knew the complications in snagging correctly, they decided to build a piece of software to make their lives – and their colleagues lives, easier.

So, what is the cost of badly managed snagging?
We aren’t sure, but we know what the cost of efficiently managed snagging is. Discover Ed Controls with our free demo now.