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Managing fire safety

Both large and small renovations have always been carried out at the UMC in Utrecht, one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands. Drilling through fire compartments is therefore commonplace. UMC uses Ed Controls to keep this process under control, thus managing fire safety at all times.

For Jan Linnebank, project manager Safe Work Environment, managing fire safety is a top priority at UMC. Any gaps in fire-proof walls must be closed up as soon as possible. ‘Whether it’s hanging up a speaker, laying pipes or installing an evacuation system – drilling work is carried out every single day. Our trained company fire brigade team can fill in smaller gaps, while larger-scale renovations and new build projects are carried out by the HooVos fire safety company.’

managing fire safety

Ed Controls helps Linnebank to manage the process. Each passage is digitally recorded and linked to a location on the drawing. The system automatically creates a code (TicketID) for each passage. This code is then printed on a sticker, which is affixed to the passage, making it very easy to track the history of the ticket in the system. If a sticker gets lost, both the passage and the code can always be found in Ed Controls.

The project manager also considers it a major advantage that a complete logbook is built up and can easily be passed on to the fire brigade. ‘They can see the status of the fire barriers at the push of a button, which is very important for our operating permit,’ he emphasises.

The fire safety company HooVos carries the ultimate responsibility and monitors the quality of the work carried out by the fire brigade. ‘I consider Ed Controls to be the most user-friendly compared with other systems. In addition, the placeholder for the tickets is the most precise. That makes our work much easier,’ says Gerwin Hoogendoorn, head of HooVos.

Linnebank also considers himself a satisfied customer. ‘Firefighters don’t want any surprises. They like being able to sort things out as effectively as possible, and this tool allows this to happen. To be honest, I don’t know how we’d manage without Ed Controls.’